Printer Automatic Optical Inspector Model 7210-P

Key Features

  • Solar cell front-side printing and surface inspector (printer side)
  • Install on the rotary table during metallization process.
  • Adjustable criteria for different process applications or models
  • Flexible algorithms programming editor for mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells inspection
  • Various defects inspection capabilities for multilayer LED lighting
  • Flexible design that can be easily integrated to customer’s in-line printing system
  • Small size 340x340x800mm


Chroma 7210-P is an inspector to examine solar cells during metallization process. Its small dimension design can be easily installed on the metallizing rotary table. The defects on c-Si PV cells that caused by front-side (sunny side) printing process may affect the performance, reliability and appearance. Therefore, a reliable and repetitive inspection of defects such as losing Ag paste on bus-bars, gridline interruptions, printing shift or rotation, water mark etc., has to be performed to ensure the quality before co-firing process. The Chroma 7210-P solar cell quality classifier has equipped with special cameras and superior software algorithm to recognize the unwanted defects on the front-side of c-Si PV cells. It can be used right at the front-side process to screen out cells with major defects. This allows best use of the capacity for the processes like I-V testing which are known as the bottlenecks of c-Si cell line.

When installed for backside inspection, it can perform screen printing defect detection for Bifacial products. In addition, the Chroma 7210-P can inspect solar cells of different fabrication processes such as PERC, HJT and Diamond Wire cutting. The integrated software with flexible and hierarchy design allows customers to set up the criteria desired to inspect distinct defects that caused by different metallizing machines.

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