Inductor Test & Packing Machine Model 1870D Series

Key Features

  • Test and packing speeds
    • From 600ppm to 1,200ppm (1870D)
    • From 80ppm to 250ppm (1870D-12)
  • Standard functions
    • Inductance/quality factor test
    • Winding resistance test
    • Polarity test
  • Optional functions
    • Layer short test
    • Insulation resistance test
    • Bias current test
  • Circular vibrating plate design feeds inductors steadily and rapidly
  • Index disc design eliminates dropped inductors
  • Four-wire measurement test socket design
  • Automatic discharge mechanism when feeding errors occur
  • Each test station has an independent NG (No Good) product collection box
  • Test without packaging function provided, good products gathered in bulk collection box
  • Exclusive data collection software designed for monitoring product quality in real time
  • Reserved stations for number spraying and automatic optical inspection
  • Switchable Chinese/English/Japanese operating interface
  • Equipment is fast, stable and safe


The Chroma 1870D Series (1870D/1870D-12) are specifically designed automated test equipment for chip inductors. It comprises various test functions that are required for verifying chip inductors. In addition, an automated tape packaging machine at the end of production line is equipped to fulfill demand for automated manufacturing.

The standard test functions of Chroma 1870D series are inductance (Ls)/quality factor (Q), winding resistance(RDC) measurements and polarity tests, along with optional layer short (IWT), insulation resistance (IR) and bias current tests that cover all test items for measuring chip inductor quality and standard specifications.

As miniature inductors are widely used in the electronic products today, mass production of chip inductors is necessary. The production capacity of Chroma 1870D/1870D-12 is up to 1,200 ppm, which can satisfy the quantity demanded. Besides testing, the 1870D/1870D-12 is also equipped with an automated packaging machine to tape and pack the inductors mechanically in order to meet the desired style of SMD production lines.

The Chroma 1870D/1870D-12 uses a circular vibrating plate that carries thin products at high speed for feeding. The circular vibrating plate uses a guide rail design, fiber detection and blow hole to determine the feed direction. This is fast and space saving when compared to traditional linear reciprocating mechanical feeders.

When moving inductors for testing, the traditional reciprocating or turret-type mechanical structure uses a nozzle to attract the inductor for movement, and the product often drops due to inertial effects or inaccurate positioning making it unable to test. The Chroma 1870D/1870D-12 uses an index disc design for testing, so that the equipment is within a closed architecture that can eliminate dropped inductors during highspeed movement. It is faster and more stable when compared to the traditional mechanical structure.

Chroma ATE Inc. not only specializes in electronic testing technology but are also masters in fixture design for automated test equipment. The test socket used by the Chroma 1870D/1870D-12 test station is a four-wire measurement design that is more accurate and stable than common automatic test equipment. The chip design applied to the connection of the test socket and inductor is easier to contact and has longer product life compared to a probe in use. The chip design is also more stable and easier to maintain than a probe.

The Chroma 1870D/1870D-12 has exclusive software for monitoring test status during production in real time, and saving the collected test data for each inductor. Realtime monitoring functions can benefit the production unit by reducing the production risk during manufacturing and cut down unnecessary working hours. The data collection function is favorable to R&D and QA units for product analysis and quality control.


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