Electrical Double Layer Capacitor ATS (EDLC ATS) Model 8801

Key Features

  • Suit for electrical double layer capacitor production line automatic test, test parameter includes Static Capacitance and Internal Resistance (IR and ESR) (for EIAJ RC-2377 Test Method of Electrical Double Layer Capacitor)
  • Open architecture software
    • Expandable hardware support
    • Support GPIB instruments&RS-232/RS485 interface
    • User editable test library
    • User editable test programs
    • Statistic report
    • User authority control
    • Release control
    • Activity log
    • Multi-UUT test capability for single-output PSU
    • Support barcode reader
  • Measurement function: C/ IR / ESR (For EIAJ RC-2377)
  • High test throughput
  • Synchronized measurement in multi-channel reduce the test time
  • One DC source and one DC load design
  • Hardware protect circuit
  • Microsoft® Word based evaluation report or UUT characterization
  • Cost effective
  • Other hardware expandable upon request
  • Windows® 2000/ XP based software


The Chroma Electrical Double Layer Capacitor Automatic Tes t Sys tem model 8801 is the ultimate solution for EDLC (electrical double layer capacitor) testing. The system includes a various range of hardware choice such as DC Sources, Electronic Loads, Timing Analyzer and LCR Meter. This flexibility combined with its open architecture software platform gives users a flexible, powerful and cost effective test system for almost all range of EDLC.

The Chroma 8801 EDLC ATS uses a unique test command optimization technology to prevent repetitive control commands from being sent to the system hardware devices. This improve test speed dramatically and makes the Chroma 8801 an ideal choice for both high speed production applications as well as design verification. The Chroma 8801 EDLC ATS includes a sophisticated test executive which includes pre-written test items for standard EIAJ RC-2377 EDLC tests. User may also create new test items by using a special test item editing function, which users the capability to expand the test library unlimitedly.

This open architecture software also includes statistic and management functions, making the system capable to generate various test documents and per forming system administration. Because the statistical reports are critically important in modern factories for R/D evaluation, QA verification and production tests, these functions are an integral part of the system.

Working under Window 2000/XP the model 8801 provides test engineers with a dedicated EDLC test system in an easy-to-learn Windows environment and allow access to resources provided by Windows.

This auto test system uses the unique test command optimization technology to prevent the repeating control commands from sending to the system hardware devices. This improves the system test speed dramatically and makes Chroma 8801, whi ch uses open sof tware architecture, but still highly efficient as optimized auto test system.

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