LTPS Display Shorting Bar Pattern Generator Model 58167

Key Features

  • Provide the test signal for E-paper and LTPS panels
  • Powerful PC-based platform
  • Auto FTP download
  • Engineer analysis function
  • Lock function during testing
  • 512 steps waveform output
  • Auto discharge
  • 36 channels output


In the evolution of panel design, larger display and higher resolution will be the main-stream of future technology for panel manufacturers. LTPS TFT process is one of many technologies that could fulfill the abovementioned requirements. It had become a more and more impor tant milestone for panel manufacturers who want to maintain their competitiveness.

58167 is a Shorting Bar Pattern Generator especially designed for OLED Cell inspection. The unique PC-Based architecture can upgrade the inspection Flow settings automatically from Server through FTP network without doing it on the client side respectively that increases the production efficiency significantly. The built-in RS-232 and USB interfaces can work with any AOI and Gamma optical measurement systems. 58167 can solve the problems that traditional equipments had in complex upgrade procedures, unfriendly user inter face, difficult system integration and etc.

58167 is the most compatible Shor ting Bar Pattern Generator for LTPS technology testing in the market today.

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