LCM Tester Model 27013

Key Features

  • LVDS Signals support
    • 1, 2, 4 Channel output
    • Color depth 6, 8, 10 bits
    • 2 output port
    • Pixel rate up to 330MHz (1 Link 135MHz /2 Link 270MHz / 4 Link 330MHz)
  • The Resolution up to 2560×1600
  • 30 sets Timing, Power, Program selection
  • 64 sets Pattern
  • Vdd output 3.3~13V / 3.5A programmable
  • Vbl by pass outside DC source
  • DC Power protection OCP
  • EDID Read, Write, Compare
  • 10 sets EDID data store
  • Auto / Manual Pattern switch
  • Auto Pattern switch delay time setting
  • Power on sequence for signal, Vdd, Vbl (External)
  • RGB Signal reverse Hot Key
  • Control by RS-232


Chroma 27013 is a portable tester that supports high resolution and large scale LCM with the signals, power supply and test patterns required for LCD Module test.

Users can edit various timing parameters and patterns on PC via software applications. Auto execution or one-key manual control on the device can switch the Timing, Pattern, Program mode rapidly. The easy and convenient operation along with compound key usage made the 27013 LCM Tester most applicable for R&D, Quality Assurance, Quality Verification, Services and Sales areas for LCM related tests.

Functions and Features
Comply with Full HD 120Hz Test
The 27013 LCM Tester supports LVDS signal with pixel rate 330MHz (1 Link 135MHz/2 Link 270MHz/4 Link 330MHz ) that can test the screen resolution up to 2560×1600 pixels to meet the test requirements for standard test signal of various panels today and Full HD 120Hz (Double frame rate.)

Providing, Measuring & Determining Output Power
Providing, Measuring & Determining Output Power

Complete Test Patterns
The large capacity of memory provides 30 Timings, 64 Patterns with many built-in standard test patterns. The 27013 not only can generate the patterns of 10Bit grayscale, pure color, stripes, text and cross.

Separate RGB Signal Control
The panel of 27013 LCM Tester has several rapid one-key operation modes which include: R, G, B & Inversion signal separation and resume – it can separate or resume one of the RGB signals in the display screen; while the Inversion reverses the pattern display on the screen. Timing, Pattern, Program, Power mode – users can create the test program especially for UUT by the PC software application and conduct one-key operation from the panel directly. The VDD rapid key is able to switch the built-in 3 fixed voltage settings 3.3V/5V/12V directly to meet the power output conditions for most LCM tests rapidly.

RS-232 Interface for Data Upload/ Download
27013 LCM Tester with PG MASTER Software can edit the test programs and upload/download edited data through the RS-232 interface data control box. Users can update test programs on different testers via the data control box directly without controlling by PC to save the time effectively.

Chroma 27013 carried complete test functions with highly accurate signals and power source. It adopts 20×4 LCD screen in compact size with friendly user interface, and its small-scale design can be used flexibly on various tests to satisfy the work unit that needs to move often. The powerful function and fast test speed make it the best tool for production test.

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