Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17040E

Key Features

  • Meets international standards for battery testing: IEC, ISO, UL, and GB/T, etc.
  • Regenerative battery energy discharge (Eff. >90%, PF >0.95, I_THD <5%)
  • Auto-ranges with multiple voltage and current ranges for optimal resolution
  • High accuracy current/voltage measurement 0.02% r.d.g. + 0.02% r.n.g. (0.05% of r.n.g.)
  • Current slew rate (0%~90%)1ms (100~600kW) 10ms (800kW~1.2MW)
  • Dynamic (current/power) driving profile simulation tests for NEDC, FUDS, HPPC
  • Test channel parallel function
  • Test data analysis function
  • Data recovery protection (after power failure)
  • Automatic protection for abnormalities
  • Battery simulator (option)
  • High power test equipment Voltage range: 100~1700V Current range: 0~4800A Power range: 0~1.2MW
  • Customized integration functions
    – Integrated temperature chamber
    – BMS data analysis
    – Multi-channel voltage/temp. recording


  • Power battery module
  • Energy storage system
  • Motor driver
  • Power control system


Chroma 17040E Regenerative Battery Pack Test System i s a high-precision system specifically designed for secondary battery module and pack tests. The energy regenerative function greatly reduces power consumption during discharge, and ensures a stable power grid without generating harmonic pollution on other devices – even under dynamic charge and discharge conditions. Where traditional equipment discharges waste energy in the form of heat, Chroma 17040E can recycle the electric energy discharged by the battery module back to the grid, thus reducing waste energy and alleviating HVAC requirements.

The 17040E has built-in parallel channels and dynamic profile simulation functions. The parallel capability maximizes the charge and discharge current and power, thus increasing the efficiency and flexibility of equipment utilization. The dynamic profile simulation allows users to load a battery waveform of a given drive profile in either current or power mode to meet the NEDC/FUDS requirements. I t s bidirectional architecture assures uninterrupted current during the charge and discharge transient state so that the driving conditions can be accurately simulated in line with the ISO, IEC, UL, and GB/T international test standards.

Equipped with Chroma’s powerful Battery Pro software, the test system offers flexible test editing functions to perform independent channel tests, and conforms to various requirements for testing secondary battery packs with high safety and stability. Chroma 17040E ensures protected charge/ discharge testing through multiple safety features including Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection, and external parameter detection.

The recovery functions prevent test data is interrupted or lost in the case of power failure.

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  • High accuracy ±0.015% of F.S.
  • High precision ±0.005% of F.S.
  • Multiple current range 300A/150A/30A
  • Fast current response <1.5mS
  • Charge and discharge with zero crossover time
  • 200% pulse current


  • High precision output and measurement up to 􀃔0.015% of full scale
  • Fast current response up to 100μS
  • High sampling rate up to 10mS
  • High single point transient sampling rate up to 1mS

Battery Cell Formation System Model 17000 Series

  • Saving Charging Power (BVT/Switching)
  • Energy Recycle (ERM/Switching)
  • N+1 Redundant DC Power

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17040

  • Voltage range: 60~1000V, Current range : 0~750A, Power range : 0~300kW
  • Accuracy current / voltage measurement (±0.05%FS / ±0.02%FS)
  • Multiple voltage / current ranges for auto ranging function
  • Conforms to international standards for battery testing: IEC, ISO, UL, and GB/T, etc

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17020

  • Voltage 20V/60V/100V/200V/500V for EV, storage battery pack/module test
  • Max 60 independant channels, parallel for high current

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17020E

  • Charge/discharge modes (CC, CV, CP)
  • Power: 10kW, 20kW per channel (Up to 80kW by parallel)
  • Voltage: 60V,100V, 200V
  • Current: 180A, 100A per channel (Up to 800A by parallel)