Key Features

  • High precision output and measurement up to 􀃔0.015% of full scale
  • Fast current response up to 100μS
  • High sampling rate up to 10mS
  • High single point transient sampling rate up to 1mS
  • Integrating up to 96 channels
  • Channel parallel output up to 1200A
  • High-efficiency charge and discharge with low heating
  • Energy recycling during discharge (AC/DC bi-directional regenerative series)
  • Waveform simulation (current/power modes)
  • Multi-level safety protections
  • Integrable data logger and chamber
  • Compliant to IEC and GB/T standards


  • Electric vehicle
  • Electric scooter/bike
  • Energy storage system
  • Power tools
  • Quality inspection agency
  • Academic research


Chroma 17010 Battery Reliability Test System is a high-precision system designed specifically for testing lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells, electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), and lithium-ion capacitors (LICs). The test equipment is suitable for product development and quality control by providing characteristic research, cycle life testing, product screening, and quality assessment.

Chroma 17010 system provides two design architecture types. The linear circuit series produces low output noise and high measurement accuracy, suitable for reliability evaluation of small and medium-sized energy storage components in development. The regenerative AC/DC bi-directional series with power saving and low heat generating features fit standard product life evaluation as well as medium and large-sized energy storage components or power battery cell testing.

The exclusive Battery Lab Expert (Battery LEx) software platform helps users to quickly reference previous sub-recipes or add new sub-recipes through a multi-level recipe structure for efficient test plan editing. The independent DUT data management function can share different DUT recipes.

Battery LEx combines both CC, CC-CV, CP, CP-CV, CV, and CR test steps, as well as C-rate, OCV-SOC, Q%, waveform simulation, and chamber control modes. This is compliant with USABC, IEC, and GB/T international test standards and fits various test applications. Tests are executed in groups, so that users can quickly obtain each group􀂧s test status and perform a variety of controls during testing, including step jumps, resume, reserved pause/start, etc.

Chroma 17010 system can integrate a high precision and multi-functional data logger to measure temperature, voltage, and pressure in real time. The return values can serve as cut-off or protection conditions. Users can also integrate renowned environmental chambers to control the temperature and humidity. While testing, the software will check for consistencies between channel groups and issue environmental control commands for convenient operation.

Chroma 17010 system provides three safety mechanisms: software/hardware detection, equipment abnormality monitoring, and optional independent relay hardware detection to ensure the safety of LIB cells tests.

Related Products

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17040E

  • High power test equipment Voltage range: 100~1700V Current range: 0~4800A Power range: 0~1.2MW
  • High accuracy current/voltage measurement 0.02% r.d.g. + 0.02% r.n.g. (0.05% of r.n.g.)
  • Data recovery protection (after power failure)


  • High accuracy ±0.015% of F.S.
  • High precision ±0.005% of F.S.
  • Multiple current range 300A/150A/30A
  • Fast current response <1.5mS
  • Charge and discharge with zero crossover time
  • 200% pulse current

Programmable DC Power Supply Model 62000E Series

  • Voltage rating: Up to 1200V
  • Current rating: 22.5A max.
  • Single output models: 1.7kW, 3.4kW, 5kW
  • Multiple output models: 3×1.7kW channels in 1U

Transformer Test System / Component Analyzer Model 3250/3252/3302

  • Test frequency: 20Hz~200kHz (3250/3252) / 20Hz~1MHz (3302)
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Optional 20ch scan box
  • Standard RS-232, Handler I/F, optional GPIB I/F only for LCR function

Wound Component EST Analyzer Model 19036

  • 5 in 1 composite analyzer scanner (ACW/DCW/IR/IWT/DCR)
  • Hi-pot test (5kVac / 6kVdc, HSCC, 500 VA output)
  • 5kV Insulation Resistance test (IR)
  • Impulse Winding Test (IWT)

Hipot Analyzer Model 19055/19055-C

  • Hipot test
    ACW 5kV/100mA
    DCW 6kV/25mA
  • Insulation Resistance test
  • 500VA output

High Power DC Electronic Load Model 63200A Series

  • Rated power: 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 12kW, 18kW, 24kW, Max. 240kW (Parallel)
  • Voltage Range: 0-150V, 0-600V, 0-1200V
  • User Defined Waveform (UDW)
  • Sync. Dynamic Control

AC and DC Electronic Load Model 63800 Series

  • Power rating: 1800W, 3600W, 4500W
  • Parallel/3-Phase function (AC mode only)
  • Constant & Rectified load modes for AC loading
  • CC, CR, CV, CP for DC loading