Battery Cell Formation System Model 17000 Series

Key Features

  • System Advantages
    • Reliable & accurate testing
    • Renders high yields
    • Energy recycling
    • Complete manufacturing solution (Full/Semi automation)
    • Accommodate customer facility layout
    • Multiple safety features
    • Auto-calibration / verification kit
  • Performance Design
    • Formation deck design: (a) Open frame ; (b) Oven type
    • Support vacuum formation process
    • Proven Probe/gripper technology
    • Stable formation contact and tray design
    • Abnormal sensing (polarity/real-time/contact loop resistance/deck temperature/channel temperature/smoke detection/power-off protection)
    • Fireproof design
    • Modular design, easy to maintain
  • Automation Features
    • High-speed / low-noise cart
      High-efficiency production process layout
  • MES
    • Technology management
    • Human error prevention
    • Complete production history
    • Data analysis to improve production process


The 17000 Series is a battery cell formation turnkey solution provided by Chroma for planning and servicing cell production formation and test from barcode binding to final cell binning. It includes the design of battery test equipment, cell conveyor, and production management system with multiple customized functions and features to increase efficiency and improve yields.

The battery cell formation turnkey solution is applicable for full-automation and semiautomation production lines depending on the production mode and its capacity. The automated solution loads battery cells onto trays and conveys them to various processing stations for testing, which mainly encompass the formation system, grading system, barcode binding system, OCV/ACIR/DCIR test systems, rework sorter, aging, and bin grouping system. For semi-automation production, the battery cells are manually loaded/unloaded onto the tray by operators to perform auto testing and test data collection. Even in manual operation, Chroma assists with flow control to avoid human processing errors.

A full-automation production line integrates with test instruments, automated conveyors, and manufacturing execution system (MES) to form a hands free solution. Operators can easily set the process parameters on the screen through a visualized management system to achieve unmanned production. It is suitable for high volume, high efficiency, and consistent manufacturing eliminating traditional manual manpower.

Chroma has vast experience deploying solutions for cylindrical, pouch, prismatic can and other cell form factors. Our cell contact mechanisms reliably contact various electrode designs. Each contact design focuses on reducing the contact resistance and loop resistance. Low contact resistance
removes this source of abnormal battery cell temperature rise during the formation process, while low loop resistance (including contact resistance) monitors cell contact (probes, grippers, etc.) and cable status for contact errors.

Product reliability and quality are attributed to accurate instrument calibration and standard traceabi l ity. Chroma, an ISO certified company, has set up a national level II laboratory to perform instrumentation verification/calibration and accuracy traceability, also has quality control from
product design, manufacturing to shipment with products sold worldwide. In addition, Chroma continues inventing new technologies complying the industrial development to meet various front-end applications and manufacturing demands such as reliable contact probe, battery deck, load tray carrier with heat dissipation and solidity, etc., to solve user’s production problems through technical prowess. Scientific verifications are conducted from material selection to design check to assure the quality and performance of the product.

Chroma has sales and services offices located in many regions of the world to provide maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical support. Chroma’s equipment has a proven long lifespan offering years of solid performance (when maintained properly).

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