HDMI 8K Media Player Model A223812

Key Features

  • 7680×4320 @ 60Hz output
  • Color depth 8/10 bits
  • HEVC H.265 format
  • YCbCr 4:2:0
  • Supports dual-channel video/audio output
    • 48 KHz video/audio channel bandwidth
    • AAC Advanced Audio Coding format
  • Built-in 8K high-resolution video
  • Compatible with A223805 HDMI 2.1 Signal Module
  • Supports external USB storage for 8K video playback


With continuous breakthroughs in technology, from the previous 2K to 4K, and now to 8K and even higher resolution, ever-real images are presented to our eyes. This equally furthers the resolution of broadcasting and network content, along with the entire market, as well as the role of Chroma A223812 8K Media Player in ensuring the quality of the displays. Chroma A223812 mainly applies to equipment for public and advertising display up to 8K, of which the image quality has improved to beyond the level of detail that the human eyes can recognize. Nevertheless, Chroma A223812 also is applicable to advertising design, medical diagnosis, monitoring and tracking systems, conferences, shows, and so on.

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  • HDMI 300MHz
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