Battery Pack Function ATS Model 8720

Key Features

  • Provide¬†optimized standard test items for the battery pack to deliver excellent test performance
  • Easy-to-use software functions specifically designed for production line use
  • Flexible software platform with the following functions
    • Test program editor
    • Test report format editor
    • Test report generator
    • Statistics analysis report editor
    • User authority setup
    • Release control
    • Activity log
    • Supporting bar code reader
  • Expandable system for additional hardware, BMS interface and new test items to fulfill the new requirements of Battery Pack industry.
  • Specially designed rack is perfect fit for production line
  • Windows 7/10 or higher environment


Chroma transfers its successful experience in 8000 ATS which is quite well-known in the power electronics industry to the battery application field by developing the Test Items specifically for the battery industry. It can perform automatic tests on the Battery Management System (BMS), semi products and finished products tests on the production line as well as provide long term maintenance and service to the battery module. Chroma 8720 (Chroma 8000) ATS has flexible hardware architecture that can select a variety of hardware devices, such as DC Power Supply, Electronic Load, LCR Meter and 6 1/2 digits Meter, etc. to comply with different automatic testing requirements for various applications. In addition new hardware and test items can be expanded to meet the demands for inspecting the highly customized battery products with diversified tests. The capabilities supported are:

  • Discharge Ability:
    • 2.6kW~15.6kW/ 0~80V/ 0~1000V/ 0~1000A
    • Master/Slave parallel operation up to 93.6kW
  • Charge Ability:
    • 600W~15kW/ 0~1000V/ 0~375A
    • Master/Slave parallel operation up to a max of 5 units

Chroma 8000 (Chroma 8720) has standard test items specifically customized and optimized for the features of battery pack and battery module that provide excellent test performance to meet the demands of mass production. Meanwhile, the software equipped is very friendly and easy to operate that is suitable for production line use.

The Chroma 8720 ATS runs under the easy-to-learn Windows 7/10 environment with a specialized power test system for test engineers so that they can utilize the Windows resources effortlessly.

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  • User Defined Waveform (UDW)
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Battery Pack ATS Model 8720

  • Specifically designed for battery production line, or battery development testing.
  • Increases QA efficiency by up to 80%
  • Inspection of BMS functions, connector withstand voltage, consistency, and performance of battery module
  • Charge/discharge power range: 5kW ~ 350kW
  • Charge/discharge voltage/current range: 0V~900V/0A~1000A

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