Advanced SoC/Analog Test System Model 3650-EX

Key Features

  • 10 universal slots for digital, analog and mixed-signal applications
  • 50/100 MHz clock rate, 100/200 Mbps data rate
  • Up to 512 sites parallel test
  • Up to 1024 digital I/O pins
  • 32/64 MW vector memory
  • Up to 32 CH PMU for high precision measurement
  • Per-pin timing/PPMU/frequency measurement
  • Scan features to 4G depth/scan chain
  • ALPG option for memory test
  • Edge placement accuracy ±300ps
  • Up to 64 CH high-voltage pins
  • 96 CH high density DPS
  • 32 CH HDADDA mixed-signal option
  • 8~32 CH VI45 analog option
  • 2~8 CH PVI100 analog option
  • MRX option for 3rd party PXI/PXIe applications
  • Microsoft Windows® 7 OS
  • C++ and GUI programming interface
  • CRISP, full suite of intuitive software tools
  • Test program and pattern converters for other platforms
  • Accept DIB and probe card of other testers directly
  • Support STDF data output
  • Air-cooled, small footprint tester-in-a-test-head design


Semiconductor manufacturing is a fast moving industry; more and more devices are highly integrated with various functions. Capital equipment must be built to outlive several device generations and applications. With varieties of available options, such as AD/DA converter test, ALPG for memory test, high voltage PE, multiple scan chain test, VI45 & PVI100 analog test options and HDADDA mixed-signal test options, Chroma 3650-EX
can provide a wide coverage for customer to test different kind of devices with flexible configurations.

Moreover, Chroma 3650-EX platform architecture allows development of focused instruments by third-party suppliers that can be easily added for specific applications. It can stretch the boundaries of test by covering a broader range of devices than ever before possible in a low-cost production test system.

3650-EX achieves lower test cost not only by reducing the cost of tester system but also by testing more devices faster with higher parallel test capability. With Chroma PINF IC and the sophisticated calibration system, 3650-EX has the excellent overall timing accuracy better than other low cost ATE. With the any-pin-to-any-site mapping design, 3650-EX provides up to 512 sites high throughput parallel testing capabilities to enlarge the mass production performance with more flexible and easy layout.

Related Products

Advanced SoC/Analog Test System Model 3680

  • 24 interchangeable slots for digital, analog and mixed-signal applications
  • 150 Mbps up to 1Gbps data rate (muxed)
  • Up to 512 sites parallel test
  • Up to 2048 digital I/O pins

Advanced SoC/Analog Test System Model 3650

  • Application coverage: MCU, ADDA/Memory, Controller, PMIC, and all sorts of consumer
  • Expandable platform with up to 640 channels
  • 50/100 MHz, 200 MHz (MUX) Test Rate
  • Varieties of high density options, ranging from analog, ADDA, mixed-signal, to TIA