Narda PMM – The innovative Click Analyzer CA0010

The innovative Click Analyzer CA0010 is, together with the FFT 9010F EMI Receiver, represents the maximum expression of the technology applied to the “discontinuous disturbances” measurements (clicks) in compliance with CISPR 14-1, IEC / EN55014-1 and CISPR 16-1-1 standards in their current versions as well as for the future evolution. The innovative architecture has allowed the integration of never-seen-before features:

  • 16 A single-phase artificial network (LISN) that can also be used for measurements of conducted emissions
  • Switching counter with variable current threshold
  • Complete, sophisticated calibrator that generates the clicks sequences and CISPR pulses, thus allowing the complete verification of a click meter, even of other brands, without needing additional external equipment.

The Click Analyzer can also drive external PMM’s LISN for three-phase loads up to 500 A.

It is supplied at an unbeatable price complete with two software programs:

  • PCA – PMM Click Analyzer for displaying in the PC the measurement data recorded in the Analyzer memory, with capability of measuring every single click event with the time resolution of 500 μS for an effective comparison with the cycles of the device under test.
  • PCG – PMM Click Generator to run easily as never before the complex CISPR test sequences.
    Like all PMM equipment, there are no IT components and commercial software in CA0010 needing updates or protection from computer viruses.

The extreme ease of use makes the Click Analyzer CA0010 ideal even for those who make click measurements just occasionally.