Regenerative AC Load Function Model 61800 Series

Key Features

  • 61800 series optional function
  • Operating voltage: 50~300VLN
  • Operating frequency: 30~100Hz
  • Support CC rectified mode, CP rectified mode, CR mode, CC phase lead/lag mode and CP phase lead/lag mode


The regenerative AC load function consists of various modes such as CC Rectified mode, CP Rectified mode, CR mode, CC Phase lead/lag mode and CP Phase lead/ lag mode.

The Rectified Mode is capable of simulating non-linear rectified loads with characteristics similar to Chroma 63800 series AC load where the voltage and current operate at the 1st and 3rd quadrant. The Rectified Mode supports both CC and CP functions with current, power and CF as parameter settings.

The phase lead/lag mode with phase angle setting ranging from 90 degree ~ -90 degree will simulate the corresponding voltage and current condition under an inductive or capacitive type load. Please note the current waveform is sinusoidal under the Phase Lead/Lad mode (current, PF and phase angle as parameter settings) and when the phase angle setting is in the range of 90.1 degree ~ 180 degree (-90 degree ~ -180 degree), the 61800 will become a current source. The regenerative AC load function is mainly intended for EVSE charging station, hybrid PV inverter, PCS, UPS, and micro-grid related test applications.

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