EDLC LC Monitoring System Model 8802

Key Features

  • Suit for electrical double layer capacitor leakage current long time test
  • Test parameter includes leakage current
  • Charge / discharge current limit function
  • Voltage programmable, 0.9A maximum charge/ discharge per-channel
  • 1uA ~ 100mA, 0 ohm input resistance leakage current meter
  • Multi-tank control capability
  • Up to 200 channels per-tank
  • Sequence timing control
  • Windows base control soft-panel
  • Leakage Current, charge current and discharge current limit value programmable
  • Leakage current GO/NG indication on fixtures

*Detail specification could be depended by customer requirement


The Chroma Electrical Double Layer Capacitor Leakage Current Monitoring System model 8802 is the ultimate solution for EDLC (electrical double layer capacitor) leakage current testing. The system includes modular monitoring boxes, and a control software to offer friend and flexible setup and multi-tank control, and a high power switching-mode rectifier (SMR) power supply. The design is adaptable for long time of EDLC leakage current test and huge amount of EDLC.

The System includes modular monitoring boxes. The monitoring box offers various range of leakage current meter from 1uA – 100mA. Each channel has individual 0 ohm input resistance leakage current meter. It suits the EDLC’s low internal resistance characteristic and avoid that the meter existent effect inaccuracy leakage current measured. The box offers three circuits, charge, discharge and leakage current measurement circuit. Operators can finish the whole process in one system. Charge and leakage current circuit have design for reducing the charge voltage alterable affection and increasing charge full voltage time. It offers 1A maximum charge / discharge per channel. The box offers leakage current GO/NG indications in front panel for each channel. The leakage current GO/NG indications will be automatic latched before enter discharge mode. Operators are easy to see every DUT test result for picking up pass or fail.

The System includes Windows® base control soft-panel. The soft-panel has multi-tank control capability. It offers sequence timing control base on one tank with setup time for charge, measurement leakage current, and discharge. The process bar is easy for operators to see the test process. Operators can set current limit values of leakage current, charge current, and discharge current through the soft-panel. The system has 2.5V – 5.0V charge voltage programmable capability.

The system includes a high power switching-mode rectifier (SMR) power supply. It offers a static state charge voltage to reduce the tiny voltage variation to speed up the leakage current result arrive and increase the leakage current accuracy.

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