Bidirectional DC Power Supply Model 62000D Series

Key Features

  • Voltage rating: 0~100V/600V/1200V/1800V
  • Current rating: 0~540A
  • Power rating: 6kW/12kW/18kW
  • Two-quadrant operation: source and load functions
  • High power density: 18kW in 3U
  • Easy master/slave parallel & series operation*1 up to 180kW
  • Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
  • Auto sequencing programming
  • Voltage & current slew rate control
  • High speed transient response <1.5ms
  • Low output noise and ripple
  • Intuitive and user-friendly touch control screen
  • Standard USB/LAN/APG interfaces, optional CAN/GPIB interfaces
  • 3-phase 4-wire universal AC power: 200~480 Vac

*1: Only 600V models support series operation.


Chroma 62000D programmable bidirectional DC power supplies provide both power source and load characteristics. These two quadrant power supplies allow power from the DUT to be converted back to the utility grid and so are ideal for testing renewable energy power systems such as PV, storage, and EV inverters as well as a wide range of bidirectional power conditioning system (PCS) and may also be used as a battery simulator. 62000D has applications in testing power components in electric vehicles as well as bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC converters, and DC-AC motor drivers and can perform power conversion tests of Li-ion batteries in both charge and discharge directions.

To illustrate the 62000D unique capabilities, traditional DC power supplies need protection diodes to back EMF during motor testing does not damage the source. However, the 62000D bidirectional DC power supplies can drive the motor and also efficiently regenerate EMF to the grid, thereby avoiding the need for blocking diodes while saving space, energy, and configuration. In addition, the fast cross-quadrant bandwidth of the 62000D provides a transient response time of less than 1.5ms (-90% to +90%).

62000D bidirectional DC supplies include 9 different models with industry-leading power density at 18kW in 3U of vertical rack space. Model range from 6kW to 18kW, output current ratings up to ±540A, and voltage ratings up to 1800VDC. The master/slave feature allows for up to 10 models to be paralleled easily and safely up to 180kW.

62000D series is equipped with 100 programmable user settings through the unit’s List Mode. The fast response time fills many testing needs, including the LV123 and LV148 standards required for new energy vehicle components. When combined with the Chroma Softpanel, the user can conduct the complex tests with simple clicks of the mouse.

62000D family of power supplies can easily be used in any region of the world due to its wide input range of 200-480 Vac and an active PFC low-current harmonic feed to grid, reducing power consumption, power system configuration, and ambient temperature changes under high-power testing. Control options include digital USB, LAN, CANbus, GPIB as well as analog APG interfaces.

Related Products

Programmable DC Power Supply Model 62000E Series

  • Voltage rating: Up to 1200V
  • Current rating: 22.5A max.
  • Single output models: 1.7kW, 3.4kW, 5kW
  • Multiple output models: 3×1.7kW channels in 1U

DC Power Supply Model 62000H Series

  • 5kW/10kW/15kW/up to 1000V
  • Easy Master/Slave Parallel & Series Operation up to 150kW
  • Voltage range: 0 ~ 1000V
  • Current range: 0 ~ 375A

Solar Array Simulator Model 62000H-S Series

  • High-voltage 1800V for string PV inverter test solution
  • 5kW/10kW/15kW/18kW up to 1MW
  • Fast Transient Response Solar Array Simulation
  • Build-in dynamic MPPT test profile of EN50530/Sandia/CGC-GF004/CGC/GF035/NB-T32004

DC Power Supply Model 62000L Series

  • Power range: 108W/150W
  • Low noise: <3mVp-p
  • High transient response time: <30us
  • Steps for auto sequencing programming

Ultra-High Stability DC Power Supply Model 62075H-30N

  • 7.5kW/up to 60V
  • Current Stability: 2.5mA/10ppm
  • High Resolution Current Programming & Measurement: 20 bit DAC & 24 bit ADC
  • Ethernet/LXI Interface

DC Power Supply Model 62000P

  • Power Range: 600W / 1200W / 2400W / 5000W
  • Wide Range of Voltage & Current Combinations with Constant Power
  • Auto Sequencing Programming: 10 Programs / 100 Sequences / 8 bit TTL
  • Digital encoder knobs, keypad and function keys